Welcome to the Meeting at 4th & Arch Streets

WORSHIP SERVICES – Sundays and Wednesdays

After meeting.Our Meeting holds regular weekly worship services -- Meetings for Worship -- on Sunday (First Day) at 10:30 a.m., and Wednesday (Fourth Day) at 7 p.m.

Childcare is provided every Sunday. In addition, First Day School is open to the children of all members, attenders, and visitors. See our Children / Nursery page for more information.

The flyer Invitation to Worship -- provided when you enter the Meetinghouse, and included in these webpages -- explains for visitors the practice of Meeting for Worship.

Parking is available in the lot accessible from 4th Street.

See: Our map of the area, and directions for getting to the meeting.

Building Use and Tours

Our monthly meeting shares the use of the building with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, including an interpretive program open to visitors during the week (10am–4pm, Tuesdays thru Saturdays). See their website: Arch Street Meeting House.


Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia Office
(215) 625-0627
Office hours, 10am - 8pm, Wednesdays
sometimes Tuesdays and Fridays 11am - 4pm
(otherwise, please leave a message)

Arch Street Meeting House
(215) 627-2667
This is the number to call if you've left your glasses
or if you have questions about the building.

Friends Center
(215) 241-7000

Someone at Friends Center or in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
(via the Friends Center phone #) may be able to answer questions about other Friends resources and organizations.

Our general email address is  


Your message may be forwarded to someone who can best respond, so please allow several days for a reply.

We've set up a PayPal account to facilitate financial contributions to the meeting.

Use a major credit card or pay from your own PayPal account. "It's fast, free, and secure."

Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia
320 Arch Street (corner of 4th & Arch)
Philadelphia, Pa. 19106