Quakers at Large


In addition to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, mentioned on another page, the headquarters of two other Quaker institutions, both international in stature, are located at the Friends Center, 1515 Cherry Street. They are the Friends World Committee for Consultation and the American Friends Service Committee.

Raking leaves in January, MLK day of service.There visitors will also find the small but wonderful Yearly Meeting Library and the Quaker Information Center, both filled with literature and books about our Quaker past and present. Both organizations are blessed with informative staff members who will be happy to answer questions that are beyond the scope of these pages.

Suggested Reading

The following two books are good sources of information about the Religious Society of Friends.

Faith And Practice
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends
Adopted 1955 (Revised 1972 and 1997)
 Available on-line

Friends For 350 Years
Howard H. Brinton and Margaret Hope Bacon
Pendle Hill Publications
Wallingford, PA


 Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Our Yearly Meeting has a website which includes an index of all Monthly Meetings that are part of the Yearly Meeting, an online version of our book of Faith and Practice, and other information. The yearly meeting includes meetings in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.
 Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting
Seven meetings in the City of Philadelphia.
 Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting
The other Friends' Meeting in downtown Philadelphia, at 15th and Cherry Streets.
 Pendle Hill
Conference center, etc. in the outskirts of Philadelphia.
 Friends General Conference
An umbrella organization for Yearly Meetings (and a few monthly meetings) in the U.S. and Canada, including our own Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.
 Friends United Meeting
Another international association of Friends' Meetings and Churches.
 Evangelical Friends International
Yet another branch of the Religious Society of Friends.
 Britain Yearly Meeting
For many years called London Yearly Meeting.
 Friends World Committee for Consultation
Brings us all together, at Triennials and whenever possible.
 Quaker Information Center
A resource center supported by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, the Arch Street Meeting, and other Meetings and Quaker organizations.
 General links for the Religious Society of Friends
Collected by Russ Nelson of New York Yearly Meeting.
 Meeting the Spirit
An introduction to Quaker beliefs and practices, first written for Lithuanians who had formed a Quaker worship group.
 Journal of George Fox
Fox's autobiography, edited by Rufus Jones.
 Some Fruits of Solitude - William Penn
William Penn's aphorisms. First published in 1693, now an e-text.
 Journal of John Woolman
Philadelphia-area Friend and travelling minister who brought us much insight into divine love and righteousness.
 Quaker Electronic Archive
George Amoss's archives include texts of early Friends.
 The Quaker Writings Home Page
Writings from the 17th century to present, collected by Peter Sippel and friends.
 Quaker Heritage Press
Various reprints and historical Quaker e-texts, including writings by Margaret Fell, Thomas Lurting, Job Scott, and Jonathan Dymond. Also Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's 1806 Rules of Discipline and the four-volume set of the Works of Isaac Penington.

Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia
320 Arch Street (corner of 4th & Arch)
Philadelphia, Pa. 19106