Quakers and the Political Process
Living our Faith into Action

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   Brochure for the original exhibition in 2000
Front of brochure used with the exhibition. A picture of a capitol building in background, with head-and-shoulder sketches of six Friends in foreground, from historical to contemporary. 1693 quote from William Penn - Peace requires justice, justice requires law, law requires government, not only within nations but equally between nations.

THE QUAKERS of the Greater Philadelphia region were pleased, in the summer of 2000, to welcome all who came to William Penn's City of Brotherly Love on the occasion of the Republican National Convention.

Stimulated by this event, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends produced an exhibition entitled "Quakers and the Political Process," which was on view until recently at the Arch Street Meetinghouse, 4th and Arch Streets, in the historic district of the City.

With the assistance of local historian, Nancy Webster, and a dedicated committee, twelve large panels designed by Maltbie Associates describe Quaker contributions to American political life from the time of William Penn to the present, including panels on Quaker presidents Hoover and Nixon. Liberally illustrated, the exhibit's narrative text is complemented by a large number of quotations ranging from Quaker founder, George Fox, to Friends living today.

These web pages present much of the content and many of the illustrations used in the main panels of the exhibition. Much more, of course, is available to those who can see the full exhibition, either at the Arch Street Meetinghouse when it is on display there, or elsewhere.

The panels are available to travel to schools, retirement communities, and other venues. If you are interested in having the exhibit come to your location, please contact Sally Rickerman: (610) 274-8856.

Permission to use the Quaker Tapestry illustrations has been given by the Quaker Tapestry Scheme. Further information about the 77 panels of embroidery can be obtained from: The Quaker Tapestry Exhibit Center, Friends Meeting House, Stramongate, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 4BH, UK. Phone 01539-722975. Open to the public from spring to late autumn every year. Web: Email:

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